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For over 30 years, Decorative Rock & Stone (DRS) has specialized in the highest quality line of man-made and natural stone products available, including flagstone, boulders, landscaping rock, river rock, border stones and gravel to beautify and improve any residence or commercial property. Our man-made stone, which is a time-tested formula of portland cement, iron-oxide coloring agents and natural rock that is manufactured on DRS premises, is the perfect answer for long-lasting aesthetic beauty and a great alternative to more costly and less durable options. It is virtually maintenance free and can be applied to any structurally sound wall without the use of special footings or supports. It can also be installed over existing structures, which not only improves the look of an older home but increases the appraisal value of property as well. Come to either of our locations to see how Decorative Rock & Stone has been making Oklahoma beautiful since 1976.

Available Products:

Decorative Landscaping Stone

We offer a wide variety of naturally colored stones (dolmite, limestone, granite, red/black lava stone), either crushed or screened to sizes that will enhance the landscape around residential and commercial properties. Also referred to as pebbles, chips, stone mulch or decorative gravel, decorative landscaping stone is primarily used as ground cover in flower beds and around shrubs, for fire pits, and on pathways and driveways.

Man-Made Stone

We offer this lightweight, synthetic manufactured stone for use on residential and commercial veneers, fireplaces, and retaining walls. This type of manufactured stone is very versatile and can be installed on various surfaces such as wood, metal, brick or cement blocks.

River Rock

We offer a wide variety of river rock, which can be used in ornamental gardens, as landscaping accents for water ponds, on driveways and pathways, or any other application imaginable. We offer a large selection of styles and colors, including Mexican Beach and Colorado river rock.

Man-Made Tile & Flagstone

We offer this lightweight, thin veneer (less than half an inch thick) in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Many styles are available for both drystack and/or mortar joint application. Our Man Made Tile and Flagstone can be used on any wall or floor exterior/interior surface and can be purchased in a range of quantities to fit any size job.

EZ Brick

We offer this thin man made product in a variety of colors. EZ-Brick can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including arch walls in any room of the house, as fireplace profiles, on stove niches, ovens, sinks, or as outdoor grill accents. EZ-Brick easily integrates with manufactured stone for a Euro-antique look and can also be painted.

Natural Thin Veneer Stone

Natural Thin Veneer is a lightweight alternative to full veneer and a higher-quality alternative to manufactured stone. This type of natural stone is cut at a thickness ranging from three quarters of one inch to one and one-quarter inches as compared to full veneer, which has a thickness of 3-5 inches. Advantages of using Natural Thin Veneer include: 1) easier and quicker installation over full veneer, providing cost savings, 2) more Natural Thin Veneer can be shipped per truckload than full veneer, 3) Natural Thin Veneer is available in all of the natural colors and blends of full veneer, 4) unlike manufactured stone, Natural Thin Veneer can be custom cut and trimmed to meet many specifications, and corner pieces can be cut to specifications if angles other than 90 degrees are required, 5) each piece of Natural Thin Veneer is unique and there is no risk of having a repeating pattern on installations. 

Man Made Patio Pavers

We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and thicknesses in Patio Pavers. Patio Pavers are a great application that can be used anywhere around residences or outdoor areas. Some benefits of using Patio Pavers include: 1) beautifying an entertaining area, 2) easy installation, and 3) repairing pavers is an easy and inexpensive process.

Chopped Tumbled Natural Stone

We offer different cuts and faces of natural stone to create a pattern and ultimately, a blend. A chopped pattern refers to stone that has been cut in varying sizes of squares and rectangles. Tumbled natural stone refers to the process of creating smooth edges and softening the original colors of stone, thereby giving the stone an "old world" appearance. We offer a wide variety of both chopped and tumbled natural stone, which can be used on any residential or commercial veneer, retaining walls, as flower bed edging, and on many landscaping surfaces.

Landscape Boulders

Landscape Boulders give depth and presence to residential gardens and commercial properties. From massive granite to delicate moss covered boulders, Decorative Rock and Stone stocks one of the largest selections of Landscape Boulders and Mossy Stones in a variety of sizes and colors.


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